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News 2011

News 2011

Solitary bee research comes to Dufferin Grove Park

Last summer, Dufferin Grove Park began participating in a research monitoring study carried out by Scott MacIvor, a PhD Student at York University. The four-year project will examine the effects of urban land use and complexity on the diversity and foraging of wild, cavity-nesting solitary bees. The principle objective is to better integrating biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships into all scales of city planning and design initiatives.

Over 200 sites all over Toronto are participating, and these include public and private gardens, parks, green roofs, and semi-naturalized areas.

Naturalization Project, Workshop, and Planting Session

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Come and join us for a hands-on workshop as we transform a dormant garden on the north side of the hockey rink into a mini-meadow/savannah for birds, pollinators, humans and other animals to enjoy.


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Container gardening workshop

Sunday June 5, 11am - 1pm, 2011

Did you ever wish you could grow your own food but didn't think you had either the know-how or the space to do it?

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