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posted on July 05, 2007

Farmers say Push Local Produce

Queen's Park should push local produce, farmers say

Published: (Jul 3, 2007)

Farmers' markets are booming across Ontario thanks to environmentally conscious shoppers, but the province needs to help put local produce on grocery store shelves if the farm sector is to survive, advocates say.

Aided by the push to cut transportation-related carbon emissions, the number of farmers' markets has ballooned, said Bob Chorney, executive director of Farmers' Markets Ontario.

"People are becoming increasingly concerned about what it takes to get their food to them," said Chorney, who added the average meal travels some 4,000 kilometres.

"It takes 535 calories to move a seven-calorie strawberry from California to Ontario. It takes 400 times more energy to ship lamb from New Zealand than it does to buy local lamb."


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