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Friday Night Suppers


THIS PAGE IS NOW AN ARCHIVE. Menus are not current. For information about Friday Night Supper, call park staff at 416 392-0913


Menus of previous Friday Night Suppers


Friday Night Suppers 2015

The suppers are from 6-ish to 7.30 pm. They are outside by the bigger bake oven in spring and summer and early fall (to the end of September), inside the rink clubhouse in winter.

Menus: There is now only one entrée option at the Main table: a vegetarian (or sometimes vegan) meal, a side dish, a salad, and dessert. Most of the groceries are bought at the organic farmers’ market on Thursday, and most of the cooking is done in the outdoor wood-fired bake-ovens. It’s delicious food, and conforms largely to the 100-mile “locavore” boundary. There’s a suggested donation ($7 for the main dish), which used to go back into the park, and to pay for the groceries. Now some extra steps are added -- all donations first go to City Hall and then arrangements are made to cover groceries: see the accounting slide show.

If you can’t spare the cash, donate at some other time – nobody goes away hungry! (Of course, if you feel like donating more than the suggested amount, that’s fine too.) Note: there is always kid food too -- hot dogs and mini-pizzas and the park's chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies. Sometimes we also serve soup with park staff baked bread.

posted March 17, 2006, updated May 24, 2006

Friday Night Suppers - general information

Everyone Welcome. No reservations are necessary. Park cooks use ingredients from the Thursday farmers' market. Prices: By donation. Suggested donations (to cover cost of materials plus park program fundraising): soup $2, main dish $7 (choice of vegetarian or vegan), salad $2, dessert $2 - $3 depending.

During the winter rink season, tables are set up in the rink house. During spring, summer, and early fall, the Friday Night Suppers are held outside, by the bake ovens.

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