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Media 2010

Media 2010

posted on August 29, 2010

Do: Friday Night Supper at Dufferin Grove Park

Published: June 1, 2010
Source: Do Bake Sew Think

The best things in life tend to happen without a lot of planning.  Friday afternoon, as we were walking with little fromaggi to visit his new daycare, we bumped into not one, but two sets of friends heading to Dufferin Grove Park  for their weekly family dinner.  It was completely serendipitous as we were in the middle of trying to figure out a tasty and toddler-friendly place to go for supper since most of our stuff was either in a box or on its way to a box.

And tasty and toddler-friendly we got.

I’ve been hearing about this amazing community event for a while, but somehow never managed to make it up there, mostly due to forgetfulness. What an amazing feeling to experience something new and unique in your city!


posted on May 23, 2010

Porter: Why is it so hard to get city permission for a bake oven in a park?

By: Catherine Porter
Published: May 21, 2010
Source: The Star

As Dawn Vrablic sprinkles corn meal on her board and begins to roll the dough, people are wandering down the path into the heart of Christie Pits park. Pushing strollers, stepping off bicycles, unfolding their blankets, settling down.

That’s what happens when you stoke up a community bake oven. Ask anyone who runs them. Clockwork.

“It’s pizza in the park,” Vrablic says. “Simple formula.”

Tonight is this year’s second Friday pizza night in Christie Pits park. Organizers thought they wouldn’t take place this year because of the city’s new permit requirements. Parks staff say it was a misunderstanding and no one ever told organizers they’d have to pay. Hmmmm . . .

Anyway, who cares as long as the wood is burning, the bricks are hot and the crowds are descending to share neighbourly gossip and sprinkle cheese over dough together. Hooray for bake ovens!


posted on February 07, 2010

Pie-in-the-park dream lives for Kitchen in the Park Project

By: Greg Layson
Published: February 02, 2010

GUELPH — Trish Van Watyk and Staci Barron don’t just have some pie-in-the-sky dream. No, the Elora women have a pie-in-the-park dream. Pizza pie, that is — in Bissell Park.

The two are spearheading the Kitchen in the Park Project (KIPP), an effort they call “an innovative, not-for-profit volunteer-run community wood burning oven venture.”

Their mission is to create a community outdoor kitchen to be used for baking pizza and bread in the Elora park.

Van Watyk, a mother of three, borrowed the idea from a park in Toronto.


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