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Northwest Corner Project (5)

Neighbourhood opinions...

....about replacing the two rink surfaces (March 27 to April 2, 2019): letters (spoiler alert: some say yes, most say no)

....about the project as a whole:

Belinda Cole <>: Jun 11 09:09PM -0400

Hi neighbours,

I really want to see some changes to the rink house at Dufferin Park, and I like some of the design elements.

But demolishing the rinks to replace them with new ones poses a huge problem for me. I'm guessing lots of us saw the Anthropocene exhibit at the AGO.

The city insists we tear out, then replace 2 rinks that are apparently working fine, based on an assumed lifespan.

Isn't this is a pivotal Anthropocene question in our own back (park)?

I can't feel a sense of horror at green houses in the mountains, marble and copper mines elsewhere - without wondering what the effects of the proposed rink demolition and replacement look like right here. The energy to tear up cement surfaces, move it, add it to landfill, mine and transport the materials needed to make it, produce the greenhouse gases and use huge amounts of water to make more concrete, transport that concrete here, ....

I feel deeply grateful for the gifts of nature - and ravishing the earth to replace what we already have feels deeply wrong to me.

Here are some contacts you can quickly e-mail to voice your feelings on this matter:

Councillor Bailo: Alex Lavasidis <>, Liz McHardy <> Katy Aminian <Katy.Aminian <>


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