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Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis

The Big Back Yard in Dufferin park, a 1995 film made by Amnon Buchbinder

Dufferin Grove Adventure Playground

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Dufferin Grove Park

Dufferin Grove Park is a public neighbourhood park located in Toronto Canada, just south of Bloor, on the east side of Dufferin.

Location and Contacts

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Staff: 416-392-0913

The basics

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Independent neighbourhood groups:

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Films, videos, slide shows

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The Dufferin Grove Farmers' market has its own website

The Weekly Market Notes are available on-line at www.dufferingrovemarket.ca

The Farmers' Market continues all year round, every Thursday, rain or shine.


Current News

The February Newsletter is now online. Read all about the history of the clubhouse, the pushback, the tall towers and what they mean for the park.

News Flash: strollers on the rink are allowed after all. Some good letters helped.


Northwest corner Revitalization meetings FOLLOW-UP

-- the details of the Feb.6, 2019 public information session about the "northwest corner revitalization" of the park are here The designers' presentation is linked here.

Question: why not use the $4 million to fix the whole park instead of just one corner? What needs fixing.

Answer: because the city's Capital Projects planning staff can't cover their payroll with fixes, they need big new projects.....read the posts

Accessibility for everyone at Dufferin Grove Park:

- a little history and a tour with the head of the Stopgap Foundation, Luke Anderson: pictures and text and the talk he gave at this park, here.

Dufferin Grove dog park site

After the Public meeting about DOLA on Dec.10, City Councillor Ana Bailao said the plans for having a dog park at Dufferin Grove are cancelled.

See our dogs section, and some helpful links from Eric Code, who is part of a group called Leash Free Toronto. He writes: "The idea isn't just to create parks for dogs - it's to create conditions that make it easier for people and dogs to share public space in harmony."

DOLA stands for "dogs off leash area."

A park booklet: "Dufferin Grove Park as a neighbourhood commons, 1993 to 2015" is posted here -- a little history, at the end of an era, with stories, lots of coloured photos, and some short interviews. To get a paper copy, e-mail celosadmin@gmail.com.

Skateboard park

The unofficial skateboard park on the rink pad was busy last season.

Skateboarders like to make videos, and there are lots posted by people from Dufferin Grove -- some samples from Gerb Seamon here and here.


For the past few years, most (not quite all) parts of this website were just an ARCHIVE. There were no more postings of Dufferin Grove Park city-run events. To find out why: August 2017 newsletter.

But now this website is waking up, and will have current news again. To find out why: September 2018 newsletter