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Oven story 2023

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The recreation staff held a make your own pizza day every Sunday in July and August. These days were popular.

half an hour's fire-roasting (or less)

But having the fire for only one occasion is not an environmentally responsible use of a masonry wood oven. Those kinds of ovens hold their heat for four days, allowing maximum use of the fire energy.

At the beginning of August, market vendor Audrey MacDonald started roasting her small potatoes in the oven, to go along with the BBQ chicken she sells at her table. The following week she got help from park staff Vijay Singh to roast her farm neighbour's corn and offering that for takeout too. Then on August 17, Vijay helped Jutta Mason to roast all the vegetables needed -- from market vendors Jenny Cook and Aldergrove -- to make a most delicious Ratatouille. That was a successful test.

Jutta roasted more vegetables the next day, and on the third day the oven had cooled enough to start drying the first Roma tomatoes for winter eating. The oven was still too hot to keep tomatoes in overnight into the fourth day -- they burned black. Live and learn.

bring your own pan

Starting on Thursday August 24, the oven will be available for any market goers who want to roast some of what they buy at the market. For what you need to bring if you want to fire-roast your supper or the food you want to preserve for winter, here's the list:

- a metal pan, any shape
- parchment paper to line the pan, to make less cleanup
- tongs to move the vegetables around
- an oven mitt
- a sharp knife for testing done-ness
- a container with lid to take your fire-roasted food home.

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