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2023 oven food blog

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Aug.27, 2023 FIRE (Day 1)

12 noon until 3.15: From Jutta: : City staff had a pizza day for 50 day camp kids and 9 rec staff.

3.30 pm until 5.30 pm: I put in a tray of ratatouille vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes, summer squash, onions. Done in about 25 minutes.

ratatouille roast

6 pm: From Heidrun: "We roasted vegetables, potatoes, warmed up the bread for the Friday Night Picnic, and, and, and - it was delicious!!!! We cooked eggplants to mush for a Babaganoush ... the next day or the day after ...And we showed and told some visitors from Chile about the public use of the oven :-)"


Aug.28, 2023, Day 2, from Jutta

-- 10.45 a.m. temp is 295F. I put in halved Roma tomatoes, potatoes cut in pieces, a patty pan squash, some yellow banana peppers.

12.45 pm temp is 290F, banana peppers done

1.45 pm temp is 270F, potatoes tough outside, soft inside

3 pm temp is 250F

3 pm potatoes are hollow inside

-- 3.45: new batch

3.45 pm temp is 250F

8.15 pm: temp is 240F
Aug.29, 2023 (Day 3) new batch

9.30 temp is 200F

4 pm temp is 175F

Tomatoes 95% dry by 7. Shallot soft all the way through. No burnt spots.

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