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April and May, 2018

April 22, 2018

Since park staff say it's not their job to clean up the "Dan's Table" sitting area by the oven even though it's a recreation program area, CELOS paid for cleanup and repairs. It's ready for community use now.

handy litter receptacle

benches and planter boxes fixed

newsletter slot rebuilt

surprise volunteer cleanup group arrives -- too late!
April 13, 2018
The bigger bake oven

clutter and weeds around sides and back

The larger bake oven, built in 1995, is still in quite good shape, but the city has refused to do maintenance on it. The chimney needs repair, there is a bit of shingle missing, the trim needs painting, but none of those things have been done despite repair requests. This seems to be part of a general stance of not attending to maintenance and repair issues in those parts of the park that are up for changes.


chimney needs repair

shingle torn and trim unpainted


loose fence slats and bench need repair, not danger tape

derelict gate should be removed

Dan's Table seating area

needs more frequent litter cleanup (park staff don't go there)

half of planter box broken

planter box gone, but red currant has buds

one planter box gone, the other loose

graffiti, but surprisingly little

burn mark, but wood is aging very well

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