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There are three roofed structures in the park:
1. The rink clubhouse is level, with no steps at the doorways. The front door is automatic, and the back door could be (part of the mechanism is already installed). Both doors to the washrooms are wide enough for wheelchairs and strollers but lack an automatic feature. Each washroom has a designated cubicle with just enough extra space for a wheelchair/walker, and grab bars.

field house shelter is level - can also shelter homeless

2. The field house, from 1913, in the centre of the park has level and wide doorways as well as a wide porch that's level (interlock).

3. The rain shelter in the playground is not accessible since it has a step up of about 10 inches to get under the shelter.

some farmers' tents are set up on the concrete slab here

The farmers' market: The west and south sides of the rink clubhouse have a level, concrete slab apron wide enough to hold about a third of the farmers' market. However, there is a 4-inch drop at the edge, where the concrete meets turf, dangerous as a falling hazard. Also, space is tight for market customers using a wheelchair or stroller.

During the warm months, the two-thirds of the farmers' market takes place down a slope along a crumbling and pot-holed asphalt path that needs repaving (has not been repaved for more than 25 years).
The two sections of the market have no steps or terraces leading from one to the other. Foot traffic going up and down the slope in between these two sections has contributed to erosion. Prior commitments to make steps and also a paved path for wheels need to be carried out.

finally a paved centre path

Pathways: Most of the park is flat and the going is fairly easy. The north-south path connecting the different program areas used to be rutted mud, but was paved in 2008. So was the path between Havelock Street and the playground.
The playground has a well-packed sand surface which allows easy maneuvering for both wheelchairs and strollers. The adventure playground area has a large smooth interlock area nearby, although it needs to be swept clear of sand more than is currently the practice.
The cob cafe area, formerly grassed, is now smooth packed sand as well, from all the foot traffic compressing the earth. The park's picnic tables have no table extension to allow a wheelchair to be conveniently positioned for a picnic. The three campfire circles, however, are all flat and accessible.

Curb cuts: A two-year lobby by park program staff and park friends resulted in curb cuts at three park entrances (which probably would have come a few years later anyway).

Wood chips: The path that goes north-west to join the playground and the centre path is unpaved and therefore still rutted dirt. There are some new wood chip paths near the northern section of the park, but these, although inexpensive, are unpleasant for people who use bikes or strollers or wheelchairs.

Inclusiveness: Park staff have worked to support special-needs part-time staff, to increase access not only for structures but also for friendly contact and valued work. Under a conservancy, that effort would be much increased.

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