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City Rinks Opening Later This Year

posted November 25, 2005

This year rink users thought the rink would open on the 25th, hence the date of the first Friday Night supper. But sadly, city rinks are opening later this year. The suppers will go ahead anyway, in honour of the joys of skating and winter. Long-time park baker and cook Dan Malloy will be cooking for the last time before he leaves the park to pursue his many other interests. Mary Sylwester is back from Victoria to cook the vegan dishes, and Lea Ambros is back from Prague and Berlin, so her Amaretto apple strudel will be on the menu -- the cooks haven't decided the rest yet.

There will be a feature-length documentary by David Batistella at 7 p.m. in the zamboni garage. It's called Shinny. Watching a gripping film about shinny is the next best thing to playing it.

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