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posted March 30, 2006

Market Wins Green Toronto Award of Excellence

The market has been chosen to receive a Green Toronto Award of Excellence in the Health Category. Read More >>

To learn more about these awards go to and to see the other recipients, go to the Green Toronto Awards winners page.

posted April 8, 2006

Dufferin Grove Farmers' Market representatives become "movie extras" in a video advertising Green Toronto

Market manager Anne Freeman says that Paula Vosni, from Fun Guy Farms (the mushroom growers), applied for the award on behalf of the whole market. On March 29, Paula and Mary Lou Dolan from Beretta’s went down to City Hall with Anne for a photo/video shoot in preparation for the awards ceremony on May 2. The group there included many children (for school-related environmental awards). The winners were all posed in different groupings for an hour and a half. They had to shout “hurray for Green Toronto!” on cue and hold up signs, and then shout it again but with bigger smiles, or louder, or wait until the Old City Hall clock stopped gonging and then repeat it again. Then the groups were filmed for the City’s award video. Paula, Anne, and Mary Lou had to join other health category winners and hold up signs and shout out "Health!" That group needed a lot re-takes because it sounded like they were shouting "Hell!" unless they pronounced the “th” at the end of the word very sibilantly.

The photos went on for so long that the kids began to sag. But Anne Freeman had asked Jutta Mason to bike down with some park-oven bread to share around, and after an hour of posing instructions, it seemed like the time to cut the bread. By then it was near noon, and eight loaves of bread slices disappeared quickly. There was one more loaf left, and the kids pulled it apart into crumbs and ran around after the pigeons in Nathan Phillips Square, feeding them. Fun! (Also for the pigeons.)

One of the many Green Toronto award winners was Upper Canada College, which has done some energy retrofits. A student in a UCC blazer, when he got his bread, asked where Dufferin Grove Park is. When he found out it's across the street from the Dufferin Mall, he said: my grandfather used to own a race track on that site.

He was Abe Orpen's grandson. Small world! A photo of the race track is on the About Us page.

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