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Northwest Corner Project (3): 2019

Feb.6, 2019 DTAH presentation

Notes on the presentation errors:

p.32: Luke Anderson says the the unit paver paths are not accessible for his wheelchair, neither are the crumbling parts of the asphalt paths (listed as "accessible formal pathways")

P.33: the building entrances are used often and without difficulty by people with wheelchairs, why are they marked inaccessible? - what makes the concrete path inaccessible? Angle? What is the angle? - is the sidewalk accessible from the mall? - many people enter from the Gladstone drop-off -- why is it not marked as an entrance?

p.48: the main room has fluorescents as backups, had halogen as its main lights. Why not mentioned?

Feb.6, 2019, email to LURA

I believe that Megan said at the public meeting tonight that the Dufferin Rink clubhouse kitchen is "not really a kitchen at all" and that DTAH looked at some other park kitchens for examples of kitchens that were built in a way that conforms to the health and safety standards. She gave the kitchen at Christie Pits as an example. Could Meg let me know where in Christie Pits that kitchen is located?

Feb.7, 2019, response from LURA

Megan provided the following examples of community facilities improved in the last number of years that have included facilities to support expanded/new food programs:

There are also new kitchens supporting community programming built at the following community centres:

The facilities at Christie Pits that have recently been improved include the outdoor bake oven and the surrounding areas for outdoor gathering and dining (the bake oven a very popular one and is permitted to the public; however permit holders must connect with the Parks Supervisor to receive training). At last night’s meeting, Megan was referring to the outdoor bake oven and surrounding areas as a type of outdoor kitchen – the City would like to clarify that there is no indoor kitchen at Christie Pits that conforms with City standards for kitchens, so Megan misspoke. The design team has heard feedback already that the new outdoor bake oven at Christie Pits does not achieve the high temperatures ideal for bread baking. The team would be interested in feedback on other aspects of this redesign at Christie Pits, including the seating and dining areas. Having the community’s and CRG’s help in collecting examples of renewed facilities that appear to work well is valuable to the design team. If there are other examples the community thinks the design team should be considering, the team encourages the community to share those examples with them (e.g. through email (fastest means of communication), or at a CRG meeting). The project team would also like to clarify that the public is welcome to attend the CRG meetings as observers, and if they have any comments or feedback, they can provide this in writing to Lura staff after the CRG meetings.


Follow-up posts (Jutta for CELOS)

It’s been a week now since the city’s public meeting about re-making the rink and the clubhouse. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting short pieces about the different elements that drive this project. On my list: conflict of interest, the availability of experts in “community behavior change mechanisms,” the Bombardier company as the sponsor of “place-making” in rinks, how money floats around, designing a neighbourhood that fits the money, environmental side effects, the coming of the tall towers, who works in the park, and who lives here now. read more


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