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posted June 5, 2005


Toronto Public Health inspectors have told us to get proper sinks for food preparation by the wading pool this coming summer or stop doing the playground food cart. Georgie Donais is directing the building of a little courtyard around the sinks, and continuing on from there, to create an outdoor gathering-place. The courtyard walls will be built with a sand-clay-straw mix known as "cob" or "monolithic adobe", which is mixed by foot and applied by hand.

From Georgie:

"The first stage of the project will provide a spot for the washing station required by Public Health. As the wall extends, it can be built to include arches, doorways, niches, shelves, benches, a puppet window, sculptures and mosaics, small roofs, and a lavatory. Native plantings will be incorporated around and within the courtyard. The project will be planned in stages, starting with the washing station, and extending further as time and resources allow.

This project aims to engage all users of the park, especially the parents and children who make the south end of the park their summer home. They will be the main users of the structure once it is built, and can make sizable contributions to its creation. Adults and children of all ages will be welcomed and encouraged to participate in building. For children who have less interest in participating than their caregivers, there will be some supervised play while the adults build."

Foundation work starts Saturday June 11.

Lengths of PVC Pipe Required. Can you contribute?

Our cob project is rolling along, and now we are looking for lengths of pvc pipe, four to six inches in diameter, from a foot to a foot and a half in length. (We will be putting conduits in the wall for passing cords, etc from one side to the other). If anyone has something like this that they want to get rid of, can you please email me? We're going to start needing them next week.

Check out the pictures at!


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