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Biotoilet News 2007
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Composting Toilet Project News 2007

From the December 2007 newsletter


If you’re one of those people who likes this little cutting-edge environmental project (enclosed in a small cob house to be built by park users, the same way as the cob courtyard was built) you can support it by buying some tickets available at the rinkhouse this winter – for a most unusual draw. (Have a look at the poster in the rink house, made by Heidrun Gabel-Koepff.)

In addition, the Phoenix Community Works Foundation has accepted the bio-toilet as a project under its environmental section, which means that donors of over $30 to the toilet fund can now get a charitable receipt. If you’re stumped for unusual presents this Christmas, make a donation on behalf of a friend. You’ll get a card of Heidrun’s poster to go with it, plus a first-use-draw ticket – and you’ll get some of your donation deducted from your taxes.

posted August 20, 2007


Michele Landsberg

There’s been no word on the bio-toilet building permit, so its clear that it will be another year before it gets put in. (Three years now!). Meantime new bio-toilets seem to be popping up all over. Park friend Michele Landsberg just sent this to cob builder Georgie Donais: “The world-famous Bronx Zoo has just opened an eco-friendly “rest room” with composting toilets---they expect to save a million gallons of water and to use the waste of 500,000 visitors a year for fertilizer for the neighbouring New York Botanical Garden.” Their project took even longer to get the approvals than the Dufferin Grove bio-toilet, but they got them, and visitors describe the “restroom” as clean and attractive.

posted on July 09, 2007

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in Vaughan supports eco-toilets

Green business congress hopes eco-toilets will bowl over delegates

Published: July 9, 2007

When international delegates come to see the Toronto region's greenest building technologies this week, they will be sent to the restrooms.

No ordinary washrooms, but odourless, chemical-free, composting toilets. The facilities, built for a new Toronto and Region Conservation Authority building, look like the regular ceramic bathroom variety, but without water or a refillable bowl.

They are thought to be the first used in an office setting in Canada and will be showcased to representatives from 30 countries as part of the World Green Business Council Congress. The event, which began yesterday and runs to Wednesday, will focus on green initiatives such as the toilets at the TRCA's restoration services building in Vaughan.



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