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About The Cob Courtyard

About the Cob Courtyard

Maintenance Diary

New buildings and new / ancient building methods require maintenance. After each winter we see what has happened to the new structures during this long period of ice, snow, cold, and wetness. Here you will find the results and how the cob courtyard is repaired every year.

Why do we have it

An earthen-walled courtyard, built in the summer of 2005, encloses the space to the northwest of the pool, creating an outdoor gathering place. It provides a spot for the washing station required by Public Health so that park staff can serve food by the pool in the summer while meeting Public Health requirements. It includes arches, doorways, niches, shelves, benches, a puppet window, sculptures and mosaics, and a green roof. Native plantings are incorporated around and within the courtyard.

Need for the project
Washing station:

Public Health requires a washing station in proximity to the park’s food card.

Learning opportunities:

Other cities in Canada and the US are starting to see the necessity in investigating forms of building and construction that take less of a toll on the environment than currently popular building methods.


This building method takes materials out of the waste stream and uses them to create structures.

Who will benefit?

The park

The park friends and neighbours

Health requirement for washing facilities will be satisfied


Park staff

The city

Quick Cob Figures - Benefits of Cob

Just how much, how many, and what go into (or don't go into) the making of the cob structures?? Here are a few interesting figures to give you an idea of some of the ways cob construction is environmentally and people friendly.

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