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Picture Galleries

Cob Picture Galleries

We have three major galleries: two from the construction of the Cob Courtyard wall and food service wall in the summer of 2005; and one from the start of the bio-toilet project during the summer of 2006. The bio-toilet project has since been held up with permit and design processes (as of June 2007 this permit process is still not complete).

Cob Courtyard Picture Galleries

Cob Courtyard Construction Summer 2005

Toronto Public Health inspectors told us to get proper sinks for food preparation by the wading pool or stop having snacks at the playground food cart. Georgie Donais directed the building of a little courtyard around the sinks, for food service, and to create an outdoor gathering-place. The courtyard walls are built with a sand-clay-straw mix known as "cob" or "monolithic adobe", which is mixed by foot and applied by hand.

Georgie Donais and others took hundreds of pictures of the project, from planning to celebrating the completion.

See the courtyard construction gallery >>

Neighbourhood volunteers build the cob wall

Courtyard Construction - Laura Berman

Laura Berman is one of the neighbourhood's professional photographers, and she contributed a large set of photos from the 2005 Courtyard construction.

See the Berman courtyard construction gallery >>

Tamping the cob wall foundation

Courtyard Construction - Friends

Alfred Olloqui and Erella Ganon share some pictures. Read more >>

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