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Bio Toilet Archive

Bio-Toilet Archive

Earthen Sculpture and Waste Management Project Summer 2006

This project would engage the Dufferin Grove Park community in a unique and exciting art project this summer. A composting toilet unit would be installed in the south end of the park, near to the playground and wading pool, and would be enclosed and protected by a small earthen building. As was the case last year, park attendees would be invited to participate in the making of the building. ...

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Clarification of Technical and General Issues

regarding the earthen sculpture and composting toilet facility in Dufferin Grove Park

Responses to Technical Concerns Raised


This toilet facility – the Phoenix 201 PF (Public Facilities) – is installed in several national and provincial parks in Ontario, as well as a couple of YMCA camps.

Size Impact

The building has been designed to minimize its visual impact on the park, and to blend in as completely as possible.


Parks, Forestry and Recreation is working in tandem with park users to create this facility.

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Responses to General Concerns Raised
1. Handwashing
2. Wheelchair accessibility
3. Liability
and more
By-Law Issues

In the past few years there has been a new stage in the life of the park – the stage of testing whether the things that work well at the park should be banned because they might not conform to regulations or bylaws. ...

... In July-August 2006, complaints to the highest levels of City management, by three neighbourhood activists, led to repeated stop-work periods for the community-built addition of a composting toilet with a sculptural cob-surround, near the playground area.

Public meeting
Results of Public Meeting About Community-Built Composting Toilet, September 2006

Since it rained, the meeting was held in the rink house instead. We now know that 95 adults and a whole lot of children can crowd into the rink house if necessary. The complainants who had called for the meeting didn't come, but City Parks manager Sandy Straw came, and so did her Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, and so did Recreation supervisor Tino Decastro. City Councillor Adam Giambrone was the moderator. ...

Permit process
The roller coaster progress of the playground Composting Toilet

When the big cob-courtyard-building project was going on last summer, people kept asking: so where’s the toilet going to be? For parents and caregivers of young kids, the lack of a toilet near the playground has been a drawback for years. And Georgie Donais has been interested in the ecology of sewage forever – i.e. composting toilets.

Maintenance Requests

Requests from Georgie Donais to park staff, June 30 2006


posted August 21, 2006

Detailed site plans

For the technically inclined, here are the original detailed plans for the composting toilet project. They are all rather large (230K-428K) pdf documents.

See the Canadian Standards Association Certification Report of the Phoenix toilet.

Bio Toilet Project Launch 2006

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