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Benches Galleries

posted March 13, 2008

Benches Picture Galleries

The ongoing project in the park is building benches. In 2006 and 2007 we built two benches along the Gladstone path and three benches on the East side of the wading pool using different building and plastering methods.

Here are three galleries for the three types of benches we built.

Benches Picture Galleries

The Sofa

is built with a sand-clay-straw mix known as “cob” or “monolithic adobe”, which is mixed by foot and applied by hand. This building method lends itself to curvy and sculptural shapes. It is covered with lime plaster also known as 'Roman Concrete' and painted with pigments

Georgie Donais and others took the pictures of the project.

The 'Chaise Longue'

is a creation of park friend and cob-volunteer Michelle Webb. It is built with earth bags ('rammed earth') and cob, covered with dyed lime plaster.

Benches beside the wading pool

In 2007 many school children came and built these three benches. They are cob benches, covered with earthen plaster, a mix of fine clay, fine sand, and cat's-tail reeds.

Oval Bench

In 2008 we transformed the bio-toilet site into earthen bench seating and a conversation area..

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