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Our Cob Courtyard

The Dufferin Park Cob Courtyard

As well as being a place for community to gather in the summer, the earthen courtyard wall is also a food facility, with sinks, water, power, and a fireplace to support food service around the playground. It also has a baby change area, a green roof, mosaic tiling and is surrounded by native plant gardens.

Information about the Cob Courtyard fireplace


The cob courtyard by the wading pool is growing spectacularly. They say that every cloud has a silver lining and that seems to be borne out at the park, with the cob building project ...

What's Happening

Next on the cob maintenance list is rebuilding the wall where the fireplace was, and re-plastering the cob benches where the plaster has given way.

Picture galleries

Cob Courtyard construction summer 2005

cob courtyard Berman gallery

News I

Everything requires maintenance, which can sometimes include renovation. The cob fireplace, part of the courtyard wall by the playground, never worked well.


click on the Archive and you will find the original material including an overview of the Courtyard Construction 2005, description of the project and design plans.


update 2014

We started last year a maintenance diary to keep track of what works and what not.

About the cob courtyard

Here you will find all relevant information about the cob courtyard

What is cob

Cob is a building material made by mixing clay, sand, and straw by foot, and forming it by hand into walls.


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