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Cob renovation May 2015

Counters detached, and ready for removal

counter gone, north view

counter gone, south view

city staff meeting about cob, April 24

new city-built cupboard/counter unit in truck

wooden cupboard walls

inside cupboards

security covers for sinks

padding so covers don't scrape counter

sign giving the repair stages

lime plaster repair April 28

cobbers' close-up A April 28

cobbers' close-up B April 28

getting ready April 29

getting ready April 29

supplies, some not so good

progress, April 30

frame for concrete pad, May 6

smoothing concrete, May 8

the rest of the concrete crew

drying over the weekend

fenced platform

date in cement

counter/cupboards in place, May 22

electrical outlet partly blocked

old door installed behind water heater

many new shingles added

new-style electrical-outlet covers

tap is not protected by cover

stuff keeps getting carried in

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