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Maintenance 2018

Jan.23, 2018

junk in the cob, Jan.23, 2018

When the January thaw melted the deep snow, this is what was reveled in the cob courtyard. It was removed the day after rec supervisor Keith Storey found out about it.

March 20, 2018

March 20, 2018, sex and...


Note to the park staff: It seems like in March the spray cans come out. This graffiti on the cob is about a week old, maybe less. The sooner the graffiti is fixed (i.e. this week or next) the less likely that the graffiti will multiply.


doors torn off again

shingles and plaster need more fixing

The doors of the cafe counter were torn off in the fall, I think, and the shingle remediations with new plaster were not quite finished last fall and show signs of winter stress.

March 21, 2018

Response from rec supervisor Keith Storey: Michelle has been scheduled for this weekend to remove the graffiti. I agree that the faster this can be removed the better. She will survey the other damage and work with Sofia and Jaydee in getting it fixed.

March 26, 2018

graffiti gone

new layer put over cracks

Another bit of maintenance is needed: the green roof border is missing some wood pieces. The plants are still a brown tangle but they'll soon get their green back, and the tangle of roots keep the earth in place very well. If the border is repaired, no erosion can start at the edge.

green roof border has a gap

the gap, up closer
Early June, 2018

serving counter doors on but no lock

working counter with hinges torn off one door
June 28, 2018

Email from Michelle:

I was waiting for Sofia to get back to me with names of staff who want to be trained on the Cob before I did any additional plaster or shingling work. She needed to go through the scheduling project and she had to talk to displaced staff from MacGregor.

I couldn't train someone if all the work was completed, so we waited.

Sadly, it seems that at this time there is nobody interested in being trained. Therefore, this past Tuesday, Sofia and I have arranged a summer schedule to begin the work. I will be plastering the low section of the roof and adding mosaic signage right onto that spot asking kids not to climb. If you would like to come on Friday we can have a short discussion.

As far as I can gather the counter separate from the actual structure now falls outside my purview as does the hot-water heater. Please follow up with Keith and Sofia about those issues.

June 29, 2018

shingle gap in dividing wall

Michelle repairing shingles in dividing wall

Michelle repairing shingles at low section

shingles added, mosaic still to come
July 15, 2018

repair partway done, more to come shortly

Michelle's mosaic


cob hinges and lock still broken, July 4, 2018

cob hinges and lock repaired, July 15, 2018

A repair was done, but it looks pretty flimsy, easy to break.


on the whole,the cob looks great, Gaudi-esque

some bits of plaster fall off from time to time

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