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Cob courtyard Maintenance Diary 2020

November 27, 2020

The trash was removed and the area was cleaned up by two city workers today.

November 26, 2020

Last week the homeless people who had erected their tent right at the entrance to the cob enclosure agreed to move their stuff out. They re-pitched their tent at the south end of the cob and used the CELOS shed (since the locks had vanished) to store their stuff. They also cleaned up the largest trash and put it out for city collection. CELOS notified the city parks staff.

This morning the tent was gone and so was their stuff -- the shed had been cleared out and re-locked, presumably by the city.

A great deal of trash is still there.

purple Hallowe'en dead-mask

Hallowe'en plastic body parts and feces

rags and more litter

CELOS shed locked by the city

Sept.1, 2020

Parks manager Peter White directed his carpenters to redo the shingles on the cob roof. It looks really good.

city carpenter shingle repair

city carpenter shingle repair

June 8, 2020

Thankfully Skylar (community garden manager) located a rake and it only took about half an hour to rake out the trash. The city foreperson got his staff to take it away, and said the maintenance staff would try to focus a bit more on the cob area.

There are some shingles missing, although not as bad as last year, and some more patching needs to be done. No graffiti yet -- might still come. It looks like someone has managed to get into one of the locked serving cupboards to store their stuff, and has put their own lock on it. Tidy, though.


Plastering needed:


Plastering and shingles needed:


cupboard door needs fixing

no graffiti -- yet
June 7, 2020, from community gardener Rebecca Catching

The Cobb is looking in a sad state right now. There are pieces of concrete falling off and shingles missing, lots of garbage. Maybe a project for another day, but let me know if you want to take a look at it once we get the stuff in the ground. Could be something to do in August . . . I think with some volunteers, paint and plaster we might be able to restore it.

Response from Jutta Mason (CELOS): Re the cob -- yes, it's time for the annual fixup. Buildings in parks need a lot more maintenance than people's houses, they get so intensively used. Last year's surface patches are looking good but new patches need to be done (not concrete but a clay/sand/straw mix). And always there have to be shingles replaced.

At the moment somebody is using the serving counter cupboard to store their stuff, so we'll leave that there, but as soon as we can get a rake stored in the pool shed, it will be good to keep raking the litter away. Skylar told me she thinks there's an extra rake in one of the northern sheds -- hopefully I can track it down tomorrow or Heidrun can get it for us on Tuesday.

damage at the cob
May 21, 2020, from CELOS to rec staff Sofia Olivera

Have you seen this? The electrics seem to be hanging off ... is there a way to fix or at least secure?

Response from Sofia: I havenít been to the park. I will forward this to Parks staff to see if they can help us out

Thanks for the heads up.


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